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web site design by Desk Top CartsDesk Top Carts specializes in developing web sites that work for our clients. We strive to separate ourselves from other web development companies and design firms through quality of work and timeliness design. We own and manage our own hugely successful online stores and informative web sites and embed those same techniques and principles in our clients sites. Desk Top Carts is dedicated to providing the latest Web Site technologies to businesses that are looking to develop an innovative online presence and helping them to achieve the HIGHEST Search Engine ranking possible by incorporating the latest methods utilizing your Meta Tags.

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Web Site Design
web design and hostedDesk Top Carts will design a web site for you that works and Save Time and Money. When Desk Top Carts Designs your Web site we take great pride in designing you a very unique site the is very much User Friendly and Search Engine compatible. We work closely with our Clients to help them achieve the design and style they want, which will help them to sell their products and services to the Internet audience.


Our Web Site Designs & Services
Desk Top Carts designers offer our clients a unique approach to creating their web site and maintaining their Search Engine presence.

  • Award Winning Web Site Designs
  • One on One Consulting
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • eCommerce, Business
  • High Quality Graphic Artists.
  • Digital High Quality Photography
  • Internet Marketing Experts.
  • Search Engine Marketing Experts.
  • Data Base Designer (File Maker Pro)
  • Computer Programmers.
  • Usability Experts.
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eCommerce Web Sites - for the Future
Desk Top Carts designers offer our clients a unique approach to creating their web site and maintaining their Search Engine presence.

Every company that sells products or services needs access to the largest potential customer base anywhere in the USA or the world for that matter. Desk Top Carts now offers affordable solutions that enable your company to sell online to anyone, anywhere. The reality of the internet has made online shopping carts a must for every company that sells anything - whether it be a physical product or a valued service.


Why Desk Top Carts
Desk Top Carts didn't open its doors on a reputation of designing eCommerce Web Sites for other people or companies and testing their workmanship on other companies payrolls!!! Desk Top Carts started because of a small group of business people that wanted to be able to run their business on the Internet the way they wanted to, and not because some High Dollar designers said you have to do it their way. Many of our small business owners of today need to run their operation on a very tight budget, which doesn't afford them the opportunity to an abundance of employees. The small business owner today's needs to more efficient and one way that we can help is to offer you software that helps you control your inventory at your place of business, either (small or large)

Desk Top Carts is located in Yuma, AZ was started because we wanted our online business to work the way we wanted them to. We know what it means and what it takes to be successful due to our own experience with many years of building and designing our own online stores on the internet.

If you have a question, contact us.

Want to add a Store to your Website?

Desk Top Carts will fit your existing web site with a turn key shopping cart ready for you to add your products. The look and feel of the shopping cart page itself will be customized to mirror your existing web site, giving a completely seamless experience for your web site visitors.

You will be able to select the features that best fit your online store and you can select from a number of advanced features such as Search Engine friendly submission pages that can be customized to achieve even a Higher Search Engine rating, shipping calculation, stock control (with Data Base version) discounts, coupon codes, order processing and a variety of payment gateways including Credit Cards, PayPal, Pay by Check, Gift Certificates.

To learn more about adding a Shopping Cart to your existing web site, contact us. We will try to help you out with straight answers that will make sense.